Information communication technology and the exciting future it will enable is just beginning. 

Millimeter-wave technology is seeing explosive growth due to its advantages in both the satellite and 5G communication markets. As the world demand for data increases, millimeter-wave technology will become a dominant transmission medium for the wireless infrastructure of the future.

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The Millimeter-Wave Advantage

Millimeter-waves are a region of the wireless spectrum classically defined as 30 GHz to 300 GHz. An advantage of millimeter-waves for wireless communications comes from the vast amounts of available bandwidth localized within this frequency range. Larger bandwidth enables higher data rates resulting in a lower cost per bit for network operators and consumers.

Millimeter-waves allow wireless signals to be focused into
narrower beams, enabling increased data transmission across longer distances. Narrower beams enable frequency spectrum reuse, as the same frequencies can be sent to different locations, further increasing network capacity, and reducing cost.

It’s these advantages, amongst others, that will provide the wireless infrastructure to support applications such as:

  • Smart cities
  • Autonomous transportation
  • Remote healthcare 
  • And more

Satellite Communications

The satellite communications market has been experiencing tremendous growth as the quest for global connectivity continues. Nxbeam addresses this market both on the ground and in space. We support the ground terminal market with a line of Ku-band and Ka-band power amplifier IC’s and modules. Our Ka-band products provide our customer the best performance available in terms of power, gain, and efficiency. Our space-based satellite radios are custom designed and tailored to meet the most demanding customer requirements. Our products have achieved unprecedented performance in terms of data rates in combination with extremely low power consumption all while fitting in an ultra-small footprint.

We continue to push our satellite products forward to support future demand, including higher frequency products at Q-band and beyond.

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5G/6G Wireless Communications

Information communication technology is growing at a profound rate as the demand for real-time data increases. New applications in healthcare, autonomous transportation, and smart cities will continue to push this demand forward requiring a new more powerful wireless infrastructure. Millimeter-wave technology, which provides ultra-high throughput data links, will become a key part of this new infrastructure. Nxbeam answers this need through a suite of low-cost millimeter-wave front-ends and radio products enabling longer transmission distances and increased coverage to reduce costs for our customers.

While 5G is upon us now, Nxbeam is looking ahead to 6G with new designs currently in development. Contact Nxbeam today to learn more about what we can do for you.

The future of information communication technology is just beginning.

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