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Power Amplifiers

PartFrequency (GHz)Pout (dBm)Gain (dB)PAE (%)Voltage (V)FormData Sheet
NPA1000-DE12.5 – 15.543.026> 2528DiePDF
NPA1000-FL12.5 – 15.542.025> 2524FlangePDF
NPA1010-DE12.0 - 15.546.025> 2228DiePDF
NPA1010-FL12.0 - 15.545.025> 2224FlangePDF
NPA1020-DE12.5 - 14.542.0254024DiePDF
NPA2020-DE23 - 2539.0173324DiePDF
NPA2001-DE26.5 - 29.545.5253124DiePDF
NPA2002-DE27 - 3045.3253424DiePDF
NPA2003-DE27.5 - 3145.3253224DiePDF
NPA2003-FL27.5 - 3144.0232524FlangePDF
NPA2030-DE27.5 - 3143.0253524DiePDF
NPA2030-TB-501 (new)27.5 - 3142.7253424Die on tabPDF
NPA4010-DE (new)47 - 5235.5242324DiePDF
NPA7000-DE (new)65 - 7630.0132715DiePDF

Low Noise Amplifiers

PartFrequency (GHz)Gain (dB)NF (dB)OIP3 (dBm)Voltage (V)PackageData Sheet
NLN2000-DE24 - 3130< 1.3TBD1DiePDF

Front End Modules

PartFrequency (GHz)Tx Power (dBm) (@Psat)Tx Gain (dB)Rx Gain (dB)Rx NF (dB) Voltage (V)PackageData Sheet
NFE2000-DE25 - 293822173.320DiePDF
NFE3000-DE37 - 403321163.420DiePDF


PartFrequency (GHz)Switch TypeInsertion Loss (dB)Isolation (dB)Switching Speed (nS)P1dB (dBm)Control Voltage (V)PackageData Sheet
NSW2000-DE26 - 30SPDT0.9> 30TBDTBD0 / -20DiePDF
NSW3000-DE37 - 40SPDT1.0> 30TBDTBD0 / -20DiePDF

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