Nxbeam expands its mmWave MMIC portfolio with the introduction of a GaN E-band power amplifier MMIC. The NPA7000-DE operates from 65 to 76 GHz and provides an average saturated output power of 1 W, average power added efficiency of 28%, and average linear gain of 13 dB. The chip dimensions are 1.575 x 0.875 x 0.050 mm.

The output power level of this MMIC makes it ideal for point-to-point E-band communication links. The small size of this MMIC simplifies power combining schemes and can greatly increase the range of E-band point-to-point links. The design consists of two amplifier stages which are independently controlled, allowing the bias and performance to be tailored to the end-user’s specifications. The RF input and RF output are matched to 50 Ω with DC blocking capacitors for easy system integration. Bond pads and backside metallization are Au-based for compatibility with eutectic die attachment methods.

Since 2018, Nxbeam has been developing leading proprietary mmWave semiconductor integrated circuits (MMIC’s), chipsets, and radio products to power the next generation of satellite and terrestrial communication networks.